Beware of leather wrapped heels

Beware of leather wrapped heels

As a vegan brand, Mindful Steps opposes the inclusion or endorsement of animal-derived ingredients in products. This post is crafted for individuals who share these principles.

You see a pair of amazing wooden heels and rejoice as the label says 'synthetic upper.'


But what about the heel?



If you saw this heel you could not be blamed for assuming it was wood. Beautifully sliced wood, carefully glued together to make your lush heel... But sadly this is not the case.

The heel in this photo is not made of wood, but instead is a "stacked block heel" made of individual slabs of leather that are stacked and cut to create a striped effect. The leather is then glued to the heel.


If it is important for you to consider the ethical implications of using animal skin in fashion and to support cruelty-free alternatives, beware of buying shoes with this striped look, as materials used for the heel is rarely listed in the description.

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