Vegan leather generally speaking is any material that is vegan (not from an animal) that resembles the look and feel of real leather. Vegan leather is currently made using a variety of natural and synthetic materials. We prefer to call our material vegan leather as some items labelled faux leather can still contain animal leather.

Our shoes are made with a combination of Microfibre leather, PU (Polyurethane) and PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride). As of 2022 we are slowly changing all footwear to Microfibre, as it is more environmentally friendly, breathable and hypoallergenic. PU is quite eco friendly too. PVC is the least environmentally friendly, however it is a strong and long lasting material, so we still tend to use PVC for the outer material of our boots - footwear you would expect to wear for more years and take more of a beating. This will likely change over the next year or so, we are currently testing the durability. 

PU leather is Polyurethane coated onto a backing fabric and softer than PVC, but will not last for as many years as PVC. PU is similar in look and feel to microfibre leather but cheaper and not as breathable.

Microfibre suede and leather is now considered the best alternative to real leather and it is strong, eco-friendly, breathable and hypo-allergenic plus it has a soft luxurious feel. All our shoes have a microfibre lining.

When considering the environment, although our vegan leather is made from petrochemicals, the process of turning animal hides into leather is energy intensive as well as a polluting practice. When thinking about leather, we must also factor in the energy and land that it takes to raise a cow and then the further environmental impact of tanning its skin.

Although our vegan leather is not a perfect environmentally friendly option, in our opinion it is by far the lesser of the ‘two evils’. When considering ethics, vegan leather is obviously the ethically sound choice as no animals are killed to create it.

As sustainability is on our minds, we were testing Recycled PU leather made from recycled plastic bottles, however the material turned out to not be of the quality we needed, we do not want to sell products that will peel or crack.

The rest of the shoe (the base) is a combination of rubber and wood. The heel of our boots are 100% wood and there is no plastic inside the heel, as so many boots have hidden, without us ever knowing about it.

Swatch samples of the many types of synthetic leathers available.