About our eco vegan leather

PU gets a bad rap, but these materials are constantly evolving and the water-based PU and Microfibre Leather we purchase for our shoes, bags and belts are ECO-friendly. Here is why water-based is a better option:

The Water-based Advantage

Water-based synthetic leather does not contain toxic organic chemical solvents.

In the production process, water washing and other processes are not needed, which greatly reduces the use of heat, water and electricity, saving energy and reducing emission.

The volatilised gas is water vapour, and not harmful to the human body and the environment - greatly reducing environmental pollution. In addition, there is no toxic residue in the finished product, which still meet the strong requirements of a synthetic leather.

The finished product is hardwearing, cold resistant, scratch resistant, waterproof, breathable, low-odour and other great properties: luxe feel, soft texture, comfortable, nice appearance and the performance is close to natural leather. It's easy to spot clean, easy to sew whilst being non-toxic to our artisans and customers and pollution-free to the environment.