About Mindful Steps Boutique

Up until 2022 I never thought I would work again. My life got very busy when my son was born with a rare genetic condition, forcing me to give up work to concentrate on his care. Fast forward fourteen years and in early 2022 I came across the opportunity to acquire Mindful Steps Boutique - a company that ticked all my boxes. It was started in 2018 by two women who shared my vegan values and passion for cruelty free fashion.

Like many of us living through lockdowns and having our daily life turned upside down, I too had a re-think about what I needed to do for myself. Although my job is still predominantly a mother, and caring for my dog and three cats, I aim to provide all you compassionate people with better footwear options without the cruelty.

Mindful Steps Boutique is a female-run business and a company dedicated to being as ethical as possible, not just with regards to animal welfare but also in our trade with the team who make the shoes, our packaging, and our shipping methods that are now all carbon neutral.

Choose mindfully, live mindfully.