ZOOM IN: Discover the Beauty of Our Handcrafted Creations

IN THIS VIDEO WE take a close-up look at some of the items from our store, starting with the popular PAMELA cowboy boot.

Sometimes, delicate silver pencil tracings can be seen on our vegan leather boots. Our skilled maker gently follows his hand-drawn embroidery design with his sewing machine. Even though the pencil markings fade, I hold them dear as a symbol of the meticulous effort put into crafting our exquisite boots.

I personally seek out and bring premium Italian SVIG rubber to Bali to protect the 100% wooden heel with care.

In this video you can also witness some of our exquisite handbags, all expertly crafted by the same talented artisan who specialises in this type of leatherwork. Take a look at our 60s feel patchwork bags, as well as our eye-catching IVANA bags, adorned with intricate leather lacing.

You won't be disappointed in the craftsmanship of these beautiful pieces.