About Mindful Steps Boutique

Mindful Steps Boutique was established in 2018 by two women who shared my vegan values and passion for cruelty free fashion. I was fortunate enough to acquire and continue the label as of February 2022. Everything in this store is 100% vegan.

Why handmade? Once you have seen a pair of quality hand-made shoes you won't look at a fast-fashion pair the same again. Each pair of Mindful Steps shoes are handmade with care, and the materials used are of better quality, giving them a better chance to carry you through the seasons.

Mindful Steps Boutique is a female-run slow-fashion business and a company dedicated to being as ethical as possible, not just with regards to animal welfare but also in my trade with the small team in Bali who make the shoes, the eco-friendly packaging, and my shipping methods that are now all carbon neutral.

Choose mindfully, live mindfully. 

Åsa ♡